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My name is Pamela Amongi Opio. I am a 46 year old married and wedded woman since 1994 with three male children currently living in Lira. I am a primary school teacher. My husband is a social worker and a consultant in his profession.
Unfortunately ,there has been a turning point in my life and that of my children since 2015 when I realised that my husband whom I so  much trusted having been devoted to our faith which puts a lot of emphasis on morality. Having dropped my first career as a nurse because he didn’t like it, having worked together and invested in several assets, having nursed all his sick relatives including himself, He now wanted nothing to do with me and our children.

It was a reality that I had always heard people talk of that women face but never had I thought that I would one day face it. To say that I become a wreck is under minding the state of mind I was in, my children who ever were the best in school declined, their hero was now their worst enemy. I pretended before my children that I was strong but ones in my room, I could cry till morning, hospital become my second home as my pressure was never stable. I contemplated many things including taking my life

After marrying a girl he had impregnated in 2017 and with whom he was living, he then send me divorce papers and in them, nothing was mentioned of all the properties we acquired together not even the matrimonial home. He even almost for the first time after all these years of abandoning us come to talk to me about how the divorce would be a very easy process, one that required the both of us to just walk into the court and sign papers stating that we are now divorce.

I did not know how I could use or even if there was law and justice in this country following the many corruption cases I have heard not to mention my limited income. I walked from one friend to another, from one church member to another then a friend to my friend informed us of an organisation that helped her sister who married in teso who was about to be evicted by in-laws after the death of her husband just last year. She called her sister to refresh her memory on the name of the organisation and if it still existed and that is how I got in touch with Women And Girls Rights Advocacy Uganda (WAGRAU) in Serere Soroti District. She gave me their contact and having talked to them on whether they can help me, I Immediately travelled and got the help I needed. As I talk, WAGRAU is now helping me with legal procedures, guidance and they too sheltered me in their temporary shelter for a week while I get counselling.

I have been thinking of how I can appreciate them but I don’t think there is a gift enough to say thank you to them that is why I therefore recommend WAGRAU to anyone who wishes to support any charity work PLEASE give then any necessary support to promote their activities in this country so that they can successfully meet their objectives of making the world a better place for women and girls who face such unjust, humiliating and abusive problems as mine. For anyone interested in following up on my case, OPIO ROBERT V AMONGI PAMELA CASE NO 005 OF 2018 In Lira Chief Magistrate Court.

And to WAGRAU, words are not enough but please allow me before the WORLD say THANK YOU for because of you, I believe that I will get justice.


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