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About us

Our Philosophy

Women and girls Rights Advocacy Uganda (WAGRAU) is a Non Profit Women’s rights Organization that works in ensuring that there is respect for, promotion and protection of Women’s Rights and Dignity. Established in 2017, WAGRAU works on dismantling Patriarchy in all forms including breaking boundaries and demystifying women discriminating and abusive gender concepts that have been made normal by society.

  • To promote Women’s awareness of their  basic rights and duties as guaranteed in the 1995 constitution of the Republic of Uganda and the different international human rights convention
  • To promote women’s participation in governance, leadership and decision making processes/structures
  • To provide access to Justices and legal Aid Services to women and girls facing abuse of their rights
  • To undertake research, monitoring and documentation of women and girls’rights, violations, protections and promotions in Uganda
  • Civic Empowerment and Capacity building
  • Advocacy
  • Mediation, Negotiations and Arbitration
  • Legal Consultations and Representation through a human Rights Based Approach
  • Research

We strongly believe that free and equal enjoyment of rights by women is a salient feature of Democracy that goes to the core of good, transparent and inclusive governance that is necessary for the attainment of sustainable development of any community or country as a whole.

Women have the wisdom and capacity to determine their needs and aspirations. Only they know their situation better and as such, only they can find the most effective ways of resolving urgent situations but at the same time develop long term solutions that will impact generations to come so we are a women’s led organization

Recognizing that Real change comes from the power generated by the People, WAGRAU empowers the Women to Demand for the Respect of their Rights and Dignity. This we do by providing them with relevant information on their rights, creating platforms for them to engage duty bearers and ensuring their participation in dialogues that inform governance, policy and law making processes so as to realize equal representation and gender sensitive governance.

Furthermore, in case of a violation/abuse, WAGRAU strives to ensure that women and girl victims have access to Justice.

Some of Our Programmes



A safe space that provides temporary accommodation and health care for teenage mothers abandoned by family and shamed by community. We offer them the support that they need through housing them in the shelter, providing counseling, sexual and reproductive health education such as family planning, medication and mediation between them and their families.

We also continue to support the child mother even after she is reconciled with the family. It is our objective to see these girls strive and walk heads high especially in a society where teenage mothers are treated with prejudice. We work together with the families and schools to ensure that the teenage mother is adequately supported to re-enroll into school instead of getting married thereby enabling the girls to pursue a better life for themselves and their child.

Furthermore, In corroboration with social enterprises and professional/vocational training institutes, the girls who for whatever reason may not be able to re-enroll into primary or secondary school, are trained in skills such as tailoring, saloon and hair dressing, mushroom growing, mat weaving, jewelry making, crocheting and knitting, soap and shampoo making, business management and saving skills, computer literacy and at the end of the training, each girl develops a business plan which qualifies her for a non interest startup loan

The girls that come into the shelter are recommended by LC 1, police, probation and social welfare officers, cultural and religious leaders.
Also the shelter provides a temporary home and emergency support for girls that face sexual abuse. Survivors of violence do not report abuse and often do not seek help from formal service providers and authorities for many reasons. We thus offer support to address some of these barriers by encouraging the girls to seek assistance. We also work towards strengthening the quality of responses provided by other service providers who are in contact with abused women and girls. Specifically we,

Carry out counseling and assist girl survivors to overcome trauma and be able to not only face the abuser in courts of law but also use their strength to impact on young women within their communities. We help them maneuver the judicial, police and social service systems in order to access the critical protection and support provided by these institutions(eg facilitating orders of protection, access to housing and other health, financial and family resources)

We educate health, judicial providers, social service and security personnel among other professionals, to recognize violence against girls, understand their obligations on the issue, and provide safe, appropriate referrals and responses.



Like in many rural communities across the country, in teso, women shoulder the responsibilities of domestic labor, family care, and nutritional security and as the definitions of these roles and the contexts surrounding them become more tenuous, the need for women to be able to secure land and property has become even more critical as Land ownership is considered a social economic asset necessary for rural livelihoods.

However, traditions’ long standing discrimination of women through norms and practices that exclude women from owning, inheriting and controlling land have continued to deprive them of their land rights thus perpetuating their economic dependence on their male counterparts and continuously threatened their independence, economic growth, leadership abilities and general decision making/voice over issues that affect them as women. A recent report by the Land and Equity Movement Uganda (LEMU) indicates that 40% of women in Teso are assaulted over land.

Furthermore, the cross-cutting nature of other women’s rights issues, such as, low education levels, patriarchy and community stereotypes, agriculture and development inequality, gender-based violence, the appropriation and privatization of communal and indigenous lands, as well as male control over economic resources and the right to work have hindered women from becoming legitimate land owners.

This continued marginalisation of women is largely accredited to the fact that women particularly those in rural communities, have limited information on their land rights, as well as, limited or no legal representation and far to reach forums for Re-dress. The women are not informed of various aspects of property/land ownership such as the laws that govern property ownership specifically for women, how to secure and protect their rights. The under staffed, less informed land administration officials and the long processes involved all seem to propel women’s marginalization.

We are thus working towards breaching the information gap on women’s right to own property especially production resources. We are cognizant of the fact that where people are aware of their rights/ entitlements, they are able to demand for more transparent processes that promote and protect.

We envision a Uganda in which women are not discriminated upon and are treated with Respect and Dignity

We value Equality, Learning, Compassion, Transparency, and Professionalism

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